Publication “REDD+ from global to local” Monde, France


Agence française de développement

Services: Strategic analysis and foresight, Monitoring, evaluation and capitalisation

Countries: Monde, France

Dates of intervention: 2010/01 - 2010/12

Main backer: Agence française de développement - Client

Main beneficiary: Agence française de développement

Support provider: Olivier BOUYER

Experts: Olivier BOUYER, Maden LE CROM

Certificate of satisfactory executionLe mécanisme REDD+ de l'échelle mondiale à l'échelle locale - Enjeux et conditions de mise en oeuvre

Summary of the service

Contribution to the research paper "The REDD+ mechanism from the global to the local level - Challenges and conditions for implementation" including the following sections: (i) The REDD+ mechanism in international climate negotiations, (ii) National REDD+ arrangements, (iii) Project-level REDD+ initiatives.