Activities Because the challenges of rural development are multiple and intertwined, we adopt a holistic approach to provide relevant and complementary analyses on issues related to agriculture, forestry, the environment and on issues that cut across these three areas.



We offer services on the following six themes: Agroecology and Agricultural Innovations; Agricultural Policies; Agricultural and Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Value-Chains; Farmers’ Organisation; Livestock and Pastoralism; Fish Farming.



We offer services on the following five themes: Climate Change Adaptation; Climate Change Mitigation; Climate Strategies and Policies; Sustainable Land Restoration and Management; Biodiversity Conservation.



We offer services in the following four areas: Sustainable Forest Management; Agroforestry and Reforestation; Avoided Deforestation and “Carbon” Plantation; Wood Energy and Energy Efficiency.



We offer services on the following seven cross-cutting themes: Land Use Planning and Decentralisation; GIS, Remote Sensing and Forest Inventory; Agricultural and Forest Certification; Rural Finance; Land Tenure Security; Corporate Social Responsibility; Food and Nutrition Security.

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