Training in agroecology for NGO SIDI, a solidarity investor World


International solidarity for development and investment

Services: Training and capacity building

Countries: World

Dates of intervention: 2021/09 - 2021/10

Amount executed: 5 600 €
Total amount of the service: 5 600 €

Main backer: International solidarity for development and investment - Client

Main beneficiary: International solidarity for development and investment

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Paul BELCHI, Johan PASQUET

Certificate of satisfactory executionSupport de formation - Principes de gestion et pratiques agroécologiquesSupport de formation - Principes fondamentaux des agroécosystèmesSupport de formation - Dimensions économiques et sociales de l'agroécologieSupport de formation - Définition de l'agroécologieSupport de formation - Cacao et agroécologieSupport de formation - Riz et agroécologie

Context of the service

Created in 1983 by the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD-Terre Solidaire), SIDI supports local organizations (associations, companies, cooperatives, solidarity banks, etc.) that seek to develop a range of financial and non-financial services adapted to populations who have little or no access to them.

In its 2017-2021 strategic plan, SIDI has placed the ecological and social transition at the centre of its action. In this context, SIDI created in 2018 an internal working group on agroecology and adopted an agroecological analysis grid.

This tool is used for discussion with local organizations supported by SIDI in order to get them to question their practices and those of their customers in the agricultural sector (producers, suppliers, traders, etc.). The analysis grid should also allow to measure changes promoted to clients in the agricultural sector and to track progress over time.

Services provided

The services provided by SalvaTerra were as follows:

- Preparation and facilitation of a two-days training on agroecology for SIDI employees, in particular Partnership Officers;

- Strengthening participants' knowledge of the agronomic foundations of agroecology, agroecological practices and their socio-economic dimensions;

- Reinforcement of participants' knowledge on sustainability issues and agroecological practices of some priority value chains (cocoa, coffee, market gardening, rice, maize, among others);

- Strengthening the participants' skills regarding completion of the SIDI agroecological grid.

Summary of the service

Two-days training in agroecology to the Partnership Officers of the SIDI NGO, solidarity investor: Agronomic foundations of agroecology, practices and their socio-economic dimensions; Sustainability issues and agroecological practices of some prioritized value chains (cocoa, coffee, vegetable, rice, maize, among others); Completion of the SIDI agroecological grid.