Support for the implementation of Niger’s Nationally Determined Contribution Niger


Expertise FranceGouvernement du Niger

Services: Technical and economic advice, Diagnostics and feasibility studies

Countries: Niger

Dates of intervention: 2017/09 - 2018/04

Amount executed: 16 098 €
Total amount of the service: 16 098 €

Main backer: Expertise France - Client

Other backers: Agence française de développement

Main beneficiary: Gouvernement du Niger

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Olivier BOUYER

Certificate of satisfactory executionMission de formulation Adapt'Action - Axe 1 "Renforcement des capacités et de la gouverance" et Axe 2 "Déclinaison de la CDN en politiques publiques sectorielles"

Context of the service

The €30 million Adapt'Action Facility promotes the operationalization of the Paris Agreement and the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The Facility has three axes:
- Axis 1 (Expertise Management France): Support for capacity building and governance of countries for the improvement, implementation and monitoring of NDCs;
- Axis 2 (AFD management): Translation of NDCs into sectoral public policies, mainly in the field of adaptation to climate change (CC);
- Axis 3 (AFD management): Preparation of projects and programs (pre-feasibility or feasibility), mainly in the field of adaptation to CC.
SalvaTerra's support aimed to identify capacity building needs under Axis 1 (on behalf of Expertise France) and the drafting of detailed terms of reference for the development of public policies under Axis 2 (on behalf of AFD).

Services provided

Under axis 1, three areas of capacity building have been identified and detailed:
- POPULARIZATION: Develop a program of popularization of the NDC aimed at local communities and parliamentarians;
- NDC MONITORING: Contribute to the establishment of the monitoring framework for the implementation of the NDC, particularly on the sustainable land management (SLM) component;
- PDC: Capitalize on initiatives to integrate the CC dimension at the level of municipal development plans (PDC).
Under axis 2, two detailed terms of reference have been drafted:
- Support for the concerted formulation of the Strategy and the national plan for the adaptation of agriculture to the CC (SPN2A), to be integrated into the Initiative "Nigeriens feed Nigeriens" (I3N);
- Study on the capitalization of sustainable land management practices (CAPGDT).

Summary of the service

Support for the implementation of Niger's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement: Popularization of the NDC (local authorities and parliamentarians); Monitoring of the NDC (including actions to restore degraded land); Integration of climate issues into municipal development plans; Development of an agricultural adaptation strategy; Capitalization on sustainable land management practices.