Revision of the terms of reference for forest management in Tunisia Tunisie


Agence de coopération technique allemandeDirection générale des forêts de la Tunisie

Services: Technical and economic advice, Diagnostics and feasibility studies

Countries: Tunisie

Dates of intervention: 2013/05 - 2013/06

Amount executed: 6 630 €
Total amount of the service: 6 630 €

Main backer: Agence de coopération technique allemande

Main beneficiary: Direction générale des forêts de la Tunisie - Client

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Maden LE CROM

Certificate of satisfactory executionTdR techniques des études d'aménagement de forêt

Context of the service

The management of Tunisian forests is based on management reports (PV). Over the years, these PVs have undergone improvements: from "technical" PVs focused solely on wood production to "integrated" PVs considering all forest products, including non-timber forest products (NTFPs), then to "integrated and participatory" PVs taking into account social aspects.
However, new global issues (climate change, ecosystem services, etc.) need to be better integrated into the planning process. GIZ's project "Support to the implementation of the UNFCCC in Tunisia" therefore supported the revision of the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the development of forest management PVs in Tunisia.

Services provided

The following improvements have been made to ToR:
- Definition of the degree of sampling accuracy of field surveys (wood, NWFP and social production) and definition of standard rules for inventories of forest products and NWFPs
- Valuation of direct and indirect forest goods and services.
- Analysis of the vulnerability of the ecosystem to climate change and identification of appropriate adaptation measures.
- Analysis of the surrounding rural area and integration of forest management into its natural environment.
- Opportunities for concession awarding and private investment and partnership in the study area.
- Analysis of the current governance system of forest resources and opportunities for its improvement.

Summary of the service

Revision of the terms of reference for forest management in Tunisia taking into account new issues and challenges for forests: Strengthening the resilience of ecosystems to climate change; Promote ecosystem services; Promote non-timber forest products (NTFPs); Improve forest governance; Etc.