Preparation of a project to strengthen the capacities of rural populations Tchad


Coopération françaiseMinistère de l’agriculture du Tchad

Services: Diagnostics and feasibility studies, Training and capacity building

Countries: Tchad

Dates of intervention: 2000/07

Main backer: Coopération française

Main beneficiary: Ministère de l’agriculture du Tchad - Client

Support provider: Olivier BOUYER

Experts: Olivier BOUYER

Diagnostic des besoins en formations dans le secteur rural au Tchad

Summary of the service

Preparation of a capacity-building project for rural populations financed by the French Cooperation and Assistance Fund (FAC): field surveys in the areas of intervention of the Rural Training and Promotion Centres (CFPR) of Béré-Dagubé (Tandjilé) and Kaïra (Logone Occidental); critical analysis of the support of the Social Development Fund (SDF) project of the French Cooperation to the CFPR of the two Logone and Tandjilé; Summary of analyses and proposals for the FCC project fact sheet.