Final evaluation of the CENAO project for the dissemination of improved cookstoves in Mali and Benin Bénin, Mali


Agence française de développementGroupement pour l’exploitation rationnelle de l’énergie solaire

Services: Monitoring, evaluation and capitalisation

Countries: Bénin, Mali

Dates of intervention: 2015/10 - 2015/11

Amount executed: 19 438 €
Total amount of the service: 19 438 €

Main backer: Agence française de développement - Client

Main beneficiary: Groupement pour l’exploitation rationnelle de l’énergie solaire

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Olivier BOUYER

Certificate of satisfactory executionRapport d’évaluation finale du projet Climat et énergie en Afrique de l’Ouest (CEnAO)

Context of the service

This project started in early 2011. Its general objective was ambitious: "to initiate the professionalization and scaling up of the biomass-energy sector in Mali and eventually in AfO". The activities of the project were the dissemination of improved stoves, briquettes, the setting up of a laboratory on bioenergy, R&D actions (Rocket Stove, TLUD), the setting up of carbon projects.
The objective was to assess: "The internal and external context [...] Its logic of intervention [...] The relevance of the answers on the theme of biomass-energy [...] The relevance and quality of partnerships [...] The performance and limits of support to local partners [...] The conditions of financial equilibrium of the actors [...] The opportunities of carbon finance to support the improved cookstove and briquette sectors [...] The relevance of the exit strategy".

Services provided

The evaluation was conducted in October/November 2015: nine days of on-site interviews and 10 days of upstream preparation and downstream writing. The literature review was based on the reading and analysis of 330 documents.
After the outcome-specific evaluations, an overall evaluation was conducted following the OECD-DAC evaluation guidelines and definitions: relevance, coherence, implementation, impact, effectiveness, efficiency.
Recommendations were made, including: Building a clear and realistic logical framework, with SMART indicators; Clearly identify the roles/responsibilities of the partners; Provide regular meetings of an expanded steering committee; Have a clear team organization chart; Focus on national experts.

Summary of the service

Final evaluation of the Climate and Energy in West Africa (CEnWA) project, aimed at disseminating improved cookstoves and briquettes, setting up a laboratory on bioenergy, carrying out R&D actions (Rocket Stove, TLUD) and setting up carbon projects: Data collection (interviews and bibliographic review); Analysis and evaluation according to OECD-DAC guidelines; Making recommendations.