Feasibility study of a forest plantation and mangrove protection project République unie de Tanzanie


Agence française de développementAgence forestière de Tanzanie

Services: Strategic analysis and foresight, Diagnostics and feasibility studies

Countries: République unie de Tanzanie

Dates of intervention: 2022/04 - 2022/12

Amount executed: 32 721 €
Total amount of the service: 194 872 €

Main backer: Agence française de développement - Client

Main beneficiary: Agence forestière de Tanzanie

Co-contractors: Biotope, Office national des forêts international

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Olivier BOUYER, Anis CHAKIB

Etude de faisabilité du projet de reboisement et de protection des mangroves en Tanzanie

Context of the service

Forests cover 55% of Tanzania, that is to say 48 Mha. The Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFSA) manages 40% of forests, including protection forests, mangroves and forest plantations.

Currently, forest plantations are reduced (0.6 Mha, or about 1% of forests). Although the planting rate has increased in recent years, it remains low. There is also room for improvement in the pantatiions' quality and productivity. In the end, TFSA fears a shortage in the wood supply for the domestic market, both in terms of quantity and quality.

TFSA has therefore prepared a project note and a business plan for the development of three plantations (22,000 ha in total, on three sites: Mtibwa, Silayo and Wino), in order to request a concessional loan of US$30 million from AFD.

The latter undertook to process the request, after the completion of a feasibility study and the inclusion in the project of activities related to mangrove conservation, ecotourism and the improvement of community livelihoods.

Services provided

The feasibility study focused on the three components of the project: (i) creation and management of 22,000 ha of forest plantations on three sites (Mtibwa, Silayo and Wino), (ii) promotion of sustainable mangrove management, ecotourism and local economy on two sites (Rufiji and Kilwa), and (iii) strengthening TFSA's technical and organizational capacities.

SalvaTerra's experts have directly contributed to the following activities:

- Technical, economic and organizational analysis of the three forest plantation sites (seeds, seedlings, planting, forestry, fire risk management, etc.);

- Analysis of social (workforce and neighbouring villages, etc.) and environmental issues (waterways, biodiversity, etc.);

- Assessment of TFSA capacities (GIS, equipment, infrastructure, etc.);

- Preparation of a project presentation note (AFD format) and a detailed feasibility report;

- Analysis of the three plantations' vulnerability to climate change;

- Carbon footprint assessment of the three plantations.

Summary of the service

Feasibility study of a forest plantation (22,000 ha on three sites) and capacity building project for the Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFSA): Technical,economic and organizational analysis of plantation sites; Analysis of social and environmental issues; Assessment of TFSA's capacities; Preparation of a Project Presentation Note and a detailed feasibility report; Analysis of forest plantations' climate-vulnerability; Plantations' carbon footprint assessment.