Analysis of Mozambique’s Emission Reduction Programme Paper (ER-DP) Mozambique


Agence française de développement

Services: Monitoring, evaluation and capitalisation

Countries: Mozambique

Dates of intervention: 2017/09

Amount executed: 3 200 €
Total amount of the service: 3 198 €

Main backer: Agence française de développement - Client

Main beneficiary: Agence française de développement

Support provider: SalvaTerra

Experts: Olivier BOUYER, Anis CHAKIB

Certificate of satisfactory executionTargeted analysis of the Emission Reductions Program Document (ER-PD) Zambezia Integrated Landscape Management Program (ZILMP) in Mozambique

Context of the service

The Government of Mozambique has submitted to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) a first draft of its Emission Reduction Programme Document (RE-PD), called the Zambezia Integrated Landscape Management Programme. The FCPF Technical Advisory Committee (TAP) has released a technical evaluation report for this DB-RAS project.
As a participant in the FCPF Carbon Fund, AFD was tasked with analyzing and commenting on the ERP project and the TAP evaluation report. AFD called on the services of SalvaTerra to carry out these analysis.
The evaluation was therefore based on the methodological framework of the FCPF (38 criteria and 77 indicators). The analysis resulted in a detailed report identifying key issues and making recommendations.

Services provided

The following analysis were conducted:
- Identification of the main issues highlighted by TAP;
- Assessment of the level of ambition of the national REDD+ strategy and the scale of implementation (FCPF criterion 1);
- Assessment of the representativeness of the implementation area (FCPF criterion 2);
- Evaluation of responses to the main drivers of deforestation and degradation (FCPF criterion 27);
- Assessment of the way in which land tenure and natural resource management systems are considered (FCPF criterion 28);
- Analysis of the institutional anchoring of the ER-PD;
- Analysis of proposed activities and their impact on development;
- Evaluation of the realism of the financing plan.

Summary of the service

Analysis of the Emission Reduction Programme (ER-PD) "Zambezia Integrated Landscape Management Programme" submitted to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF): Level of ambition; Scale of action; Impact on drivers of deforestation and forest degradation; Improvement of land tenure; Institutional anchoring; Operational capacities of the entities involved; Realism of actions and budget.