Technical assistance for the agricultural and rural land tenure roadmap in Guinea

Technical assistance for the Climate Strategy of the National Bank for Agricultural Development (BNDA) of Mali

Integration of NDC actions into the agricultural and forestry sectors’ planning

Measurement and promotion of soil organic carbon in cotton systems

Prototyping an Improved Stove Model with Chimney in Kericho County

Audit of the National Directorate of Agriculture (DNA) in Guinea

Development of production, certification and marketing of medicinal and cosmetic plants

Étude de faisabilité ligne de crédit et assistance technique “climat” à La banque agricole du Sénégal (LBA)

Diag lys

Diag gingembre & longosa

Latin American negotiators support LULUCF and REDD+

Support to COMIFAC for the 13th Conference of African Ministers of the Environment