Final evaluation of the project “Consolidation of improved cookstoves” (COFIFAM)

Feedback on the contribution of France Bois Forêt to the achievement of the 2030 SDGs

Quality control of the final evaluation of the Action against Desertification (AAD) project

Mid-term and final evaluation of the FONABES Sahel project and pre-feasibility of a 2nd phase

Final evaluation of the Agrovalor project for energy recovery of agricultural waste

Technical assistance for the agricultural and rural land tenure roadmap in Guinea

Feedback on the 2019-2022 FBF interprofessional agreement for its renewal in 2023-2025

Mid-term evaluation of the Forest Management Control (CAF) project

Final Evaluation of the Mahaweli Watershed Climate Change Adaptation Project

Final evaluation of the Land Reform and Land Tenure Security Support Project (ARSF)

Final Evaluation of the South-West Regional Development Project (PDRSO)

Integration of NDC actions into the agricultural and forestry sectors’ planning