Feasibility study of the CAFI Sustainable Land Use Programme (PUDT)

Training in agroecology for NGO SIDI, a solidarity investor

Support for the production and marketing of specialty coffees in the Altos de Chiapas

Assessment of the potential of agricultural export value chains on the East Coast

Strengthening the adaptation of agriculture and agro-meteorological services

Analysis of cash crops potential in south Madagascar

Identification of support for promising agricultural value chains in the South-East of Madagascar

Support for the development of the Ivorian REDD+ roadmap

Estimating the costs/benefits of REDD+ in Côte d’Ivoire

Etude de faisabilité projet d’Appui à la gestion durable des Ressources et du Territoire des Comores (AGDRTC)

Study of the Dominican coffee sector and the certification potential of specialty coffees

Évaluation finale de la Convention de partenariat pluriannuel AFD-AVSF 2019-2022