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Guest book

" Satisfied [...] in particular because of the quality of technical work in mapping and traceability and significant involvement provided at identifying pilot sites."  Thomas SEMBRES, EFI (02/09/2016)

Zero deforestation supply chains in Côte d'Ivoire




"I confirm that the implementation of the activities by the concerned proved to be consistent with the terms of the contract, including deliverables and deadlines"  

Ueli MUELLER, PBF/GIZ (24/03/2015)

Makala carbonisation and marketing in Kinshasa               




"Fully satisfied, [...] all tasks were conducted with great intelligence and professionalism, in a very collaborative, adaptive and transparent manner"  

Thomas SEMBRES, EFI (14/02/2014)

Cost-benefit analysis of REDD+ in Ivory Coast                     




"Highly satisfied [...] appreciated in particular their accurate innovation competencies and client-orientation"  

Ludwig LIAGRE, GIZ (13/02/2014)

Cost-benefit of REDD+ and LULUCF in the MENA region




"both the client and the beneficiary have expressed entire satisfaction. The training was useful and participants in the training gave a very positive feedback." 

Manuel HARCHIES, GCCA (14/02/2014)

Ivory Coast's REDD+ Roadmap                                                    




"results agreed upon and [...] respect of the agreed deadlines. 

Mone VAN GEIT, WWF (28/02/2014)

Final evaluation of the Ecomakala project in North Kivu 




"Parmi les cinq profils effectués dans le cadre du projet, celui sur le Cameroun était de la plus haute qualité". 

Louis VERCHOT, CIFOR (20/02/2013)

Comparative study on MRV: Cameroon country profile   




"Grande puissance de travail [...] entretient d'excellentes relations avec ses partenaires. [...] excellent assistant technique". 

Jean-Michel BERRIT, Ex-Ambassadeur de France au Ghana (23/07/2003)

Technical assistance to support to rice farmers in Ghana 




"Ses compétences techniques, sa grande puissance de travail et une excellente compréhension des enjeux, {...] en font un expert de haut niveau". 

Jean-Marc BOURNIGAL, MAP (03/02/2010)

French delegation on LULUCF & REDD+ negotiations