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«Forest carbon» projects

Protecting forests is fighting against the greenhouse effect, but also preserving biodiversity, water resources, soil fertility, producing timber: that is why we use the carbon finance to support the design and implementation of forestry projects.

Issues: Tree growth stores carbon and forest destruction releases it. The Kyoto Protocol (1997) and the Marrakesh Accords (2001) of the Climate Convention have only played a marginal role in promoting reforestation projects aiming at removing carbon from the atmosphere. Since the launch of the REDD+ mechanism at the Bali Climate Conference (2007), the subject has been raised again and the international community agrees on the fact that the protection of forests must be part of the answer to climate change. To identify reforestation and avoided deforestation actions that effectively mitigate the greenhouse effect, while not being harmful to biodiversity, local communities, etc., and replicable on a large scale and at low cost, pilot field projects have to be supported now. Carbon finance is a lever for action, even if the forestry sector has so far only 6% of the carbon market volume.


Services: Carbon credits related to the Kyoto Protocol or to voluntary carbon markets, methodologies in use under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the "Verified Carbon Standard" (VCS), the "Gold Standard", or the "Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard" (CCBS), control of land eligibility, notions of additionality, baseline scenario, "leakage" monitoring (displacement of emissions outside the project area), compliance with environmental and social safeguards… forest carbon project developers must master many technical, financial and legal concepts, etc. We have this knowledge and we share it with project developers: advisory support in the design (Plan Idea Note (PIN), Project Design Document (PDD), carbon monitoring plan, etc.) and the implementation of REDD+, improved forest management (IFM) and afforestation or reforestation (AR) projects. We also assist the fundraising and the signing of emission reductions purchase agreements (ERPA), as well as the monitoring and evaluation of projects.