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REDD+ strategies

17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but also effective carbon pumps: rainforests are both part of the problem and part of the solution. We work with the deployment of REDD+.

Issues: Forests were forgotten during the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and at the Kyoto Conference in 1997: no incentives were put in place to invite countries to curb tropical deforestation. Until the early 21st century, the forest was more valuable fallen than upright! But in 2007, scientists realised that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from deforestation are as abundant as emissions due to land transport the world over! It was in 2007 that the Bali Climate Conference created a mechanism (REDD+) to reward countries for taking measures to impede their deforestation. Forty tropical countries are already engaged in the REDD+ mechanism, which should be a cornerstone of the future global treaty to fight against climate change.


Services: The United Nations Convention on Climate and the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change have produced hundreds of pages of recommendations on the REDD+ mechanism, and it still evolves regularly with the help of the feedback received from on the ground sources. Following the development of REDD+ since its inception, we have the necessary institutional memory to appropriately guide Governments enter into this voluntary mechanism. By way of various funding initiatives (Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), UN-REDD, Global Alliance against Climate Change (GCCA), etc.), we advise them on the best options to design and implement their REDD+ strategy, on how to gather the opinions of local populations, to identify drivers of deforestation, to implement cost-efficient actions on the ground in order to avoid deforestation, to set the forest carbon rights and to identify the beneficiaries to be rewarded, and to rigorously measure the results in terms of carbon preserved compared to a business-as-usual scenario.