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Sustainable forest management

The lives of 1.6 billion people directly depend on forest ecosystems. It is one of the reasons why we support the implementation of sustainable management of forest resources.

Issues: Forests do not only produce wood! They also provide resins, gums, oils, dyes, drugs and more. They play an important role in the protection of water resources, soils and biodiversity. The "mining" exploitation of forests has led to disasters and their sustainable management is the only way to combine all these aspects. This involves the creation of protected areas, national parks, but also sustainable development plans in forest concessions. Thus, of the nearly 4 billion hectares of forest in the world, more than 460 million hectares are now protected and forest certification, especially through FSC and PEFC, is increasing every year. Much remains to be done, especially in tropical forests threatened by illegal logging and deforestation. Managing forests requires a good knowledge of the functioning of forest ecosystems, control of forest management tools and understanding of related socio-economic issues.


Services: We contribute to the preparation and revision of plans for forest management and protected areas management by carrying out forest pre-inventories and inventories (via remote sensing, satellite imagery, GIS), biodiversity studies and socio-economic studies. As part of the adaptation of forests to climate change, we seek to model forest dynamics (allometric equations at the tree level, stand models at the forest level and "deforestation and degradation forest" models at the regional level) to support policy makers and in partnership with international research centres. Also among our objectives are capacity building and the transfer of skills by conducting training in forestry, mainly in developing countries.