Consulting firm specialising in the environment,
agriculture, forestry and rural development



SalvaTerra is a consulting firm specialising in the environment, agriculture, forestry and rural development. We provide tailor-made support and advice to ensure the success of development initiatives in developing countries.


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Urgent action is needed

Economic development is and has been too often carried out at the expense of natural resources. In the context of global changes (6th biodiversity crisis, climate change, peak oil, an unprecedented rise in world population etc.), our current destructive development practices are leading us quickly and collectively to the brink.



Think globally, act locally

To help change the dominant development paradigm, SalvaTerra provides tailor-made support and advice aiming at accompanying and implementing rural development projects in developing countries (mainly in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia), that reconcile the sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems and wealth creation for local populations (agricultural products, timber and non-timber forest products etc.).





Love of a job well done

Most rural populations in developing countries live in a state of severe deprivation, which only gets worse as the "natural capital" surrounding them deteriorates. Faced with this, we approach our work passionately and pragmatically, adapting our approach to the national context and the specific in-country issues that arise (more easily said than done!), with a special emphasis on implementing a result-oriented approach. Our references and our customer feedback are ample proof of the success of our approach.


A solid and diversified experience

We have worked in nearly 60 countries for more than 50 organisations, with the financial support of more than 40 donors, both public and private. More often than none, we were faced with very specific problems (e.g. onion export development for Nigerien farmers, macro-economic modelling of deforestation with research centres, establishment of forest plantations for energy production with industry groups etc.), in oftentimes complex human, physical and political contexts, due to the fact that poverty, weak governance and good management of natural resources rarely go hand in hand. All of this accumulated experience allows us to better evaluate new missions and to be more effective on the ground.



A reactive and close-knit team

SalvaTerra is a simplified joint stock company (SAS) whose statutes have been filed with the Paris Trade and Companies Register. The company is managed by two engineers with complementary skills, Olivier BOUYER and Anis CHAKIB, ensuring a strong coherence between field activities and strategic management. Furthermore, we like to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural framework and when the need arises we work hand in hand with experts in various different fields from both hemispheres: foresters, agronomists, environmentalists, sociologists etc.